Dainese Motorbike Jackets


They offer the highest levels of protection, technical materials for dealing with all conditions and ergonomics studied for maximum comfort and performance on any route.
Dainese motorbike jackets have been an icon since 1972. Choose yours, in leather, Gore-Tex®, D-Dry® or fabric.

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Explore the Dainese Textile Motorcycle Jacket Collection

Discover our selection of Dainese textile motorcycle jackets, designed to offer you a superior riding experience with the perfect mix of style, comfort, and protection. For over five decades, Dainese has been committed to developing motorcycle clothing that raises the standards of safety and performance, making each jacket a masterpiece of technology and design. Whether you're a fan of sport riding, or searching for adventures, or a daily commuter on a motorcycle, you'll find the ideal fabric jacket for every season and riding style.

Comfort and Protection for All Seasons

Our textile motorcycle jackets are available in summer, winter, and all-season versions, ensuring comfort and protection year-round. For the warmer months, ventilated jackets provide optimal air circulation, keeping you cool and dry. The all-season motorcycle jackets offer maximum versatility with waterproof membranes and thermal linings to keep you warm and dry even on the coldest and wettest days.

A Range for Every Riding Style

The range of Dainese textile motorcycle jackets spans from sportier models, perfect for those who love speed and performance, to touring jackets, ideal for long trips and two-wheeled adventures, to urban options, designed for daily motorcycle use. Each jacket is developed with high-quality materials and comes equipped with certified protections and carefully finished details, ensuring maximum safety without compromising on style and comfort. Choosing a Dainese textile motorcycle jacket means relying on an iconic brand that has been dedicated to safety and innovation in the world of motorcycling since 1972.