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Women's Dainese motorcycle leather suits, maximum freedom of movement and safety, on the road and on the track.
Women's one-piece racing leather suits, women's two-piece leather suits, women's motorcycle suits with integrated Dainese D-air® airbag system. Women’s-fit products designed specifically for the needs of women riders.
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Dainese Excellence and Tradition

Since 1972, Dainese has redefined the standard of excellence in the world of leather suits, becoming an irreplaceable point of reference for motorcycle enthusiasts. Specializing in women's motorcycle suits, we offer solutions that perfectly combine style, safety, and comfort.

Versatility and Safety

Dainese presents leather motorcycle suits for female motorcyclists, both one-piece and two-piece, developed to perfectly adapt to the female body's morphology. Made from fine cowhide, the women's leather motorcycle suits are very comfortable, thanks to the use of elastic inserts that allow great freedom of movement. Moreover, protection is guaranteed by the presence of composite protections on knees, elbows, and shoulders, soft protectors on the hips, replaceable sliders on the knees, and interchangeable aluminum plates on the shoulders. For those seeking the utmost in terms of safety, Dainese also offers a professional women's motorcycle suit with an integrated D-air® airbag, providing world-championship-level protection.

Dainese Motorcycle Leather Tracksuit: guarantee of style and maximum performance

Every women's leather motorcycle suit in our catalog is the result of years of research and development, designed to offer exceptional performance without compromising style. Discover today the difference that only a Dainese suit can offer, and immerse yourself in an unprecedented riding experience.